Cherry Mobile Postpones Jelly Bean Update for Flare

The much awaited Jelly Bean update for Cherry Mobile Flare scheduled for June 1, 2013 has been postponed. Announced on their Facebook page, Cherry Mobile said that they "are carefully planning the process of the said update" and Flare users have to wait until further announcement.
Jelly Bean Update for Flare
Cherry Mobile Advisory:

To all FLARE users, Cherry Mobile will postpone the release of the Jelly Bean update scheduled tomorrow June 1, 2013.

Due to the HIGH NUMBER of Flare users that will go to our Service Centers, we are carefully planning the process of the said Update. It is also a consideration that we want to serve all of our valued customers in a swift and orderly manner.

We will announce the new date of the update as soon as possible. Our sincerest apologies. We are doing our best to serve you better.

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