Communication Accessories to Keep You at the Top of Your Game

Communication Accessories to Keep You at the Top of Your Game
We all are aware that despite the constant and never-ending “smartification” of smartphones,
they still aren’t perfect. Some things can be awesome, magnificent and whatnot, but nothing
can be perfect in the utter sense of the word. Like it or not, there will always be some sort of a
communication need your smartphone won’t be able to address on its own, hence the need for
accessories, add-ons, apps or plug-ins.

Take for instance the following communication accessories:

Mobile repeater

Strange as it may seem, not all signal transmitters can reach your location at all times,
especially when you live far from the city, when your house or flat is located too far from a cell
phone base station or worse, when you’re always hanging out in a certain part of town where
there is constant signal shortage.

This signal shortage may also happen even when you’re in commercial areas due to saturation
of signal, shielding or shadow effect from other buildings. So when your business is located
in a particularly populous part of the city, crowded with other huge buildings that may cause
obstruction to wireless signal transmission, having a mobile repeater is a reliable way to make
up for the shortage.

Another way to extend your connectivity is to install a repeater in your own car, making sure
you are reachable at all times even while driving. You don’t have to worry about encountering
barred or choppy signal even when going to remote places.

GSM earpiece

With a flawless wireless connection made possible by your mobile repeater, the second gadget
you may want to add to your list to help make those awkward or top-secret conversations
possible is one that comes in a tiny package, in the form of a barely noticeable GSM earpiece.
This gadget can become very useful in cases when you may need to communicate with outside
help, especially in times of emergencies, and mobile phones are not necessarily allowed inside
the premises.

One situation where the GSM earpiece can come in handy is when you’re about to make a
public speech or enter into a debate competition. With the GSM earpiece, you can have your
coach on-hand, ready to give you instructions and needed information, making it easy for you
to instantly give snappy answers and reactions to your audience or opponent without having
to look at or sift through your notes, especially when having to go through them while already
on the spot is frowned upon.

You can even make use of this gadget while trading or negotiating a business deal, since it
makes it possible for you to receive information real-time from a trusted colleague.


To make sure your phone's signal doesn't malfunction on you in your time of need, equip
yourself and/or your partner with a mobile repeater while you keep your spy earpiece on
hand. Whether it be for practical, riskier and more complicated situations that you will use
these gadgets for, these are certainly ones that you can add to your checklist when it comes to
investments worth making.
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  1. Thanks for this post, I really need this, the phone signal on our place is not that good.I will try this on mySmartphone..


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