My Shopping Experience with Lazada

Online shopping promises hassle free transactions that's why more and more Filipinos are trying it out. One of the online shopping portals in the Philippines is Lazada and let me share to you my experience with them.

My Shopping Experience with Lazada

I've been wanting to get a hold of Cherry Mobile Flare since November of last year but stocks were always sold out the moment they arrived in stores. Other sellers are marking its price up as high as Php5,000 from the original price of Php3,999. Since I don't have much time looking for Flare's availability, I decided to buy a MyPhone A919 instead.

But my experience with MyPhone A919 is very short since I lost it to a pick pocket just few days after rooting it. So in need of another phone, and  low on budget, I decided to look for Flare again and fortunately when I checked at Lazada, it was in-stock so I immediately ordered one and have it delivered to my work address, COD (cash on delivery). Just after an hour, Flare was out of stock again.

I have not received any confirmation in my email that my order was successful so I called Lazada's hotline number (02)7958900 but all I got is "The number you dialed is not yet in service." I've been trying to call them for 2 days but to no avail. I also contacted them through their Contact Us page to follow up on my order but did not get immediate reply.

I've started to feel that something might be wrong so I decided to browse online regarding customers' experience with Lazada, and majority of the feedback are not good,

After 4 days though, the package arrived at the office delivered via 2GO. I was very delighted and immediately inspected the package and paid the delivery man. I asked him, "I thought it's through LBC?" and he said "We're the one who replaced them."

I was expecting that the unit will arrive in wrapped in bubble-wrap but it did not. But the package is in very good condition so I'm very happy with the outcome of my transaction with Lazada coz they kept heir promise of delivery within 5 days within Metro Manila. May I say though that Lazada should improve their customer service support and fix their hotline so that customers can actually get in touch with them real time.

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  1. I would not order anything from Lazada. I am living overseas and ordering items all over the world online, over 80.000pesos a month minimum! LAZADA IS BAD if you have to do with services or supports! Lazada is not comparable with etc. Totally different class and level!

  2. I ordered from Lazada countless times and like what they promise, I had hassle-free shopping experiences. Their people are courteous, too.

  3. My latest shopping experience is sound great. I used lazada coupon at checkout help cut my total bill, it makes my day.


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