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Bad Piggies is a new game from Rovio, the creator of the award winning Angry Birds series, this time you’ll get to play as the pigs. It is a complete departure from Angry Birds in terms of gameplay since this time you won’t be doing any flinging.

The Bad Piggies are to capture the eggs from the birds and in doing so you have to get the pig across the finish line using contraptions. The pigs have some objects at their disposal and your job is to assemble a vehicle to transport them to the plans.


Before starting up, you need to build the vehicle for the pigs to use and pass through. The first level includes cart contraptions while the second one features amazing aircraft contraptions.

But that’s not it, in order to score the maximum, you need to pick up certain items and avoid stumbling and damaging your vehicle. Building the cart for the pig is pretty simple but it does require some creativity and physics combined.

The Sketch book icon on the top gives you hints on how to build the cart.


Bad Piggies is available for iOS, Android and PC. The PC version is packed in with 95 episodes and a ‘Sandbox’ mode.

Speaking of pricing, the iOS version of the game costs $0.99 on the iPhone and iPod touch whereas the iPad version costs $2.99. On Android, there are two versions, with one being optimized for HD displays, and both are free to download but have in-game ads that burn through your battery and look ugly. Unfortunately, there is no paid option available on Android at all, so even if you want to you can’t get rid of the ads.

Bad Piggies for PC full version license costs $4.95.

You can download the PC version here:

Minimum system requirements for PC:
OS Windows XP SP3/Vista/7
CPU 1.5GHz
Hard drive 200MB
Graphics any DirectX9 compatible device


Bad Piggies offers a fairly enjoyable experience though it’s not that exciting especially during the early levels of the game. Unlike in Angry Birds wherein you can senselessly fling birds at the pigs, you have to spend time and mental energy thinking of the perfect vehicle design to get all the stars in the level.

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