Tour Paris, France on a Yellow Pedicab

Paris is the capital and largest city of France. It is a very popular tourist destination with about 42 million tourists annually and is the most visited city in the world. Who wouldn’t love to visit Paris with its lovely cityscape and famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame de Paris?

Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

Cycling is very popular in Paris and is being promoted to replace car use in Paris for short trips. So if you’re planning to visit The City of Light, it is best that you know how to ride a bike to enjoy its wonderful scenery. Either that or  be prepared to walk as the city implements a car-free scheme where certain roads are closed to vehicular traffic on Sundays and public holidays between the hours of 9AM and 5PM.

If you’re wondering if you need to buy a bike to enjoy touring Paris, you don’t need to as the city offers a bike sharing system called Vélib' with more than 20,000 public bicycles distributed at more than a thousand parking stations that can be rented for short and medium distances including one way trips.

One way to tour Paris, France is on a Yellow Pedicab, which is gaining popularities these days among tourists and locals alike. Yes, the name sounds like a famous pizza chain but its not.

Yellow Pedicab in Paris, France

Yellow Pedicab in Paris, France

Yellow Pedicab specializes in offering tours and rides throughout the heart of Paris, France in an eco-friendly way. They have beautifully designed pedicabs, in yellow of course, driven by uniformed pedicab drivers. The company started offering their services December of 2011.

Some of the great places to visit in Paris:

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris
La Basilique du Sacré Coeur de Montmartre

Esplanade de La Défense

The Jardin du Luxembourg or the Luxembourg Gardens
Jardin du Luxembourg

Quartier Beaugrenelle / Hotel Beaugrenelle
Quartier Beaugrenelle

The Place de la Concorde
The Place de la Concorde

Notre Dame de Paris also known as Notre Dame Cathedral
Notre Dame de Paris
La pyramide du Musée du Louvre
Pyramide du Louvre
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