Philippine Call Centers at a glance

If you like to work in the call center industry, it is important to have a bit of a background on what the business is about. This is necessary in order to avoid misconceptions and future frustrations if your expectations are not met.  Just like any other line of work, working in a call center is not as easy and glamorous as it looks so you may want to check out the pros and cons first before jumping in to the call center bandwagon.

The call center industry in our country began in 2001 as plain providers of email response and managing services. Majority of the call services provided are for the US market. At present, the call center industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the Philippines. The country has been dubbed as the “Call Center Capital of the World.”

The reason for such dynamic growth can be attributed to the lower operation and labor costs as compared to the US. Even if the average starting monthly basic salary (without allowances) of a call center agent is between Php12,000 to Php14,000, it is still just a fraction compared to what an onshore counterpart is getting.

Another thing that contributes to the success of call center industry in the Philippines would be the high proficiency of Filipinos in the English language as it is the language of instructions in schools. We are actually the third largest English speaking country in the world.

Add to that the constant stream of college-educated applicants entering the workforce that are highly skilled and overall motivated; it’s no wonder why the call center industry is a success in the Philippines.

This is just a glance of what the Philippine call center industry is, an overview of what to expect when looking for a call center job. If you want to know about the benefits and limitations of pursuing a career in the call center industry, then proceed to the next article about this topic.

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