Eat Bulaga! Indonesia now airing on SCTV

Eat Bulaga!, the longest-running noontime variety program on air in the history of Philippine television, which is now on its 33rd year, has now a counterpart in Indonesia.

Eat Bulaga! Indonesia

Indonesia's Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV) Network started airing the show's first international version, Eat Bulaga! Indonesia on July 16. It will be filled with entertainment, games, prizes and positive values just like the original Eat Bulaga!.

Eat Bulaga! Indonesia’s segments include:

  • “Indonesia Pintar” (“Pinoy Henyo”)
  • “One For All, All For One”
  • “Bolagaan”
  • “Karaoke Stud.”
Eat Bulaga! Indonesia–One For All, All For One

The deal between EB’s Television And Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE) and SCTV did not happen overnight as the latter had considered securing the rights for the Indonesian version of the show for the past five years but only in April 2012 that formal negotiations between the two started.

Eat Bulaga! Indonesia Hosts

Eat Bulaga! Indonesia will be hosted by “bulagang” (“dabarkads”) Uya Kuya, Aja Farid, Reza No, Ramzi, Narji, Ciripa, Rian Ibram, Rio Indrawan, Steven, Leo Consul, Selena Alexandria, Jenny Tan, Bianca Lizza, and Julie Christie.

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