Working in a Call Center: Advantages

The call center industry have establishes a new culture for the people working for these companies. Being the fastest growing industry in the Philippines, call centers have attracted a large part of the Filipino workforce especially those who are fresh from college. It also paved the way for a lifestyle change for most of Filipino professionals.

Working in Call Center: Advantages

The most obvious advantage of working in a call center is that the pay is good.  This is also the main reason why I shifted to this line of work after ten years of being in an academic institution. The average monthly starting basic pay for a customer service representative is between Php12,000 to Php14,000 and can go even higher for those who have previous call center experience. This is definitely a lot more than what other employees get from their normal day jobs. Those who hold supervisory and higher level positions earn a lot more. Again, these rates are just for starters, depending on your performance it can go higher to between Php25,000 to Php35,000 for an agent position. 

On top of the high pay that they are receiving, employees get allowances and bonuses. Allowances for rice/meal, transportation, clothing, and sometimes even for gas are, included in the package. Aside from the performance incentives and quarterly bonuses, some are even provided with 14th month pay. All of which are discussed to you during contract signing.

Another benefit of call center work is HMO coverage for employees and immediate family members. HMO or Health Maintenance Organization is a form of health insurance combining a range of coverage such as dental and medical. Annual coverage usually starts at Php100,000 each for the principal holder and dependents. This is very significant for me as it gives me peace of mind because the health and wellbeing of my family is of utmost importance. Just recently, I underwent Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) for a kidney stone treatment. The procedure itself costs around Php40,000 excluding medicine, screening and the post procedure tests;  it’s good that it’s covered by our health care provider.

Working in a call center provides opportunities for advancement in the company. Many businesses hire from within and working in the call center will give employees a good opportunity to learn about the company if they hope to work their way up the corporate ladder. Again, the higher you are on the ladder, the bigger pay.

Now after knowing the advantages, be sure to read the the disadvantages of working in a call center on my next article.

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