3 Online Tools for Mainstreaming Business Expenses

In business, even a small but effective leverage can mean a big boost which eventually leads to sustained success in the marketplace. However, many of the tools available for today’s entrepreneurs may not necessarily be easily accessible, particularly for small business owners and startups. Below are some online tools which are virtually free or low-cost and which can be instrumental in launching your business at a quicker pace:
Online Tools for Mainstreaming Business Expenses
1. PickyDomains.com
For those just starting out, coming up with a catchy name is surely one of the bigger challenges. A good name or slogan can make or break your business. For those going at it for the first time, it may seem as if all the good ones have already been taken. Still, when you have a crowd of people generating ideas for you, the work becomes much, much easier.
This is exactly what PickyDomains.com does for you. Powered by crowdsourcing, it has a base of at least 50,000 contributors. The service itself has been around since 2007, and availing of their service is quite easy. All you need is to register as a client, pay a downpayment - $50 for a domain or name and $75 for a slogan – and submit a list of requirements you want to see taken into consideration for naming suggestions. The great part is it’s also risk-free as clients are entitled to a refund if none of the suggestions catch their approval.
2. Bitrix24.com
Imagine that you have a virtual secretary running everything for you, ensuring that you have smooth operations and all the data you need is systematically tucked and readily available for your perusal. This is what Bitrix24.com does. A CRM and a company intranet all in one, it provides for multiple functions such as a free calendar, free activity planner, free real-time streaming and free messaging, to enumerate a few. It is also free for companies comprised of up to 12 people, while more expanded companies can have an upgraded version for just $99 a month - definitely efficiency that takes into account your budget and savings.
3. JetRadar.com
Sometimes, running a business will require that you take multiple trips to various locations. At present, this has become much more feasible and easier with the emergence of cheaper airfares and more airlines catering to a wider market. However, if you need to travel more frequently, finding the best deals is of utmost importance.
This is where JetRadar.com comes in. With information from more than 700 airlines, hundreds of flight and ticketing sites, you can be sure of spotting a lot of the best deals out in the market. Not only that, you can reference some of the cheapest deals found within the last 24 hours by consumers just like you, indicating their place of origin and destination which just might match yours. Easy-to-use, fast and accurate, JetRadar.com is definitely the perfect choice for the perennial traveler.

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