How to remove Facebook Timeline

Timeline is a media-rich profile page designed to tell the story of the user’s life in reverse chronological order from present day to the user’s date of birth. It has been officially available for all Facebook users since December of last year. But not all are happy with Timeline, and with this many are asking on how to remove Facebook Timeline from their profile page.

Timeline Remove

If you’re one of those who clamor to switch back to the classic look then you can try installing this small browser plugin called Timeline Remove. This tiny but handy tool disables the Facebook Timeline feature and restore the classic look, without changing the Timeline behavior for other visitors of your Facebook profile. It hides the Timeline so you can view your own and other’s profile the old way. Once installed, a button is added to the toolbar that lets you toggle the Timeline on and off whenever you want.

Timeline Remove is currently available for the top three web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.When downloading, your computer may prompt you about the plugin being a spam, don’t worry about it as it is completely safe to install on your computer.

Download Timeline Remove

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