Seattle police release video in Danny Vega’s attack

Seattle police released a video of three men tossing a jacket in the area where they believe Danny Vega was attacked. The three men ate not yet considered suspects but are “persons of interest”. Police are following up on the identity of these men.

Danny Vega

Danny Vega, a 58 year old Filipino hairdresser based in South Seattle, died 12 days after he was robbed and attacked by three men in Seattle’s Rainier Valley. He suffered severe injuries to his brain, kidneys and liver and fell into a coma before he passed away. The assault happened on November 15 at around 7:45 p.m. in the 4200 block of South Othello Street according to Seattle police.

According to reports, Vega was on his evening walk when he was attacked and robbed by three men four blocks from his home where he also operates Danny Vega’s Hair Design.

He was able to walk home where his housemates called 911, according to Seattle police, and told the officers that he passed out during the assault. He was then taken to Harborview Medical Center with serious injuries.

Seattle Police released video in Danny Vega’s attack

Danny Vega’s family said they believed that  Danny, who was gay, may have been targeted because of his sexual orientation. But the police said they still don’t know the motive for the assault but were closing in on some robbery suspects.

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  1. I felt so bad for this one.. I do hope the culprits will be jailed soon..

  2. That's true, whether the victim is a Filipino or not, it really saddens me to hear this kind of news.

  3. sad news. i hope his case gets solved and those culprits will pay for their wrong doings. you can never be safe really, i mean practically anywhere.

  4. This is sad. May our fellow Filipino rest in peace. The criminals should pay. I just wish that justice be served on time.

  5. OMG! What horrible news! I pray for his soul and I pray for his family.. :( I pray that the men responsible will be caught and hung by their balls! >.<


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