Texas Judge Adams Whips Daughter on Video

Warning: The video is very graphic and contains unpleasant scenes of physical and emotional abuse.

Here's a video, recently uploaded to YouTube with the title “Judge William Adams beats daughter for using the internet”, showing a man beat his daughter with a belt for downloading games and music from the internet. The man is a Texas court-at-law judge named William Adams and his daughter's name is Hillary, who said to be the one who recorded and uploaded the controversial video.


The photo above of Judge William Adams was taken from the Aransas County website, which bears a clear resemblance to the man in the said video.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on October 27 but only received much attention recently after it was shared on Reddit by a poster named Hillary Adams.

Here’s the video description:

2004: Aransas County Court-At-Law Judge William Adams took a belt to his own teenage daughter as punishment for using the internet to acquire music and games that were unavailable for legal purchase at the time. She has had ataxic cerebral palsy from birth that led her to a passion for technology, which was strictly forbidden by her father's backwards views. The judge's wife was emotionally abused herself and was severely manipulated into assisting the beating and should not be blamed for any content in this video. The judge's wife has since left the marriage due to the abuse, which continues to this day, and has sincerely apologized and repented for her part and for allowing such a thing, long before this video was even revealed to exist. Judge William Adams is not fit to be anywhere near the law system if he can't even exercise fit judgement as a parent himself. Do not allow this man to ever be re-elected again. His "judgement" is a giant farce. Signed, Hillary Adams, his daughter.

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