An old man punched at Red Line train stop

A latest video uploaded on YouTube is really disturbing. It shows an old man that was punched in the face by a young man. The incident happened at the Chicago Avenue Red Line stop while a group of youths laughed and joked about it. You can watch the full video below.

Old man punched at Red Line Stop

According to the video’s description, the assault occurred in April but the video has only surfaced the internet just recently.

The offender, a youth dressed in a black vest jacket, suddenly strikes the old man on the side of his head and he fell hard on his back. A concerned woman checked on the old man then made a phone call. The youth and his friends then boarded the train, laughing and mocking, without any concern on what they just did.

Sigh, these youths have no respect. This should be a cause for concern to their parents and community. Acts like this should never be tolerated.

Police are said to already launched an investigation and are seeking the man who was hit in the video to know if he wants to press charges. They are asking for information  on anyone who knows the victim or his whereabouts.

An old man punched at Chicago Avenue Red Line stop

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