Is Juan Manuel Marquez a cheater? [Video]

The recently concluded third encounter between Pacquiao and Marquez could be one of the most controversial and debatable win for Pacman. Every boxing fans who watched the fight have their own opinions and explanations on who actually won. Many were not pleased about Pacquiao’s performance last November 12.

Marquez's foot stopper technique on Pacquiao?

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One reason that surfaced why Manny was not able to do much damage to Marquez is the accusation that Juan Manuel cheated by repeatedly stepping on the foot of Pacquiao. This foot stopper technique was visible on different rounds of the entire fight. This technique supposedly gave Marquez the upper hand every time he clashes with Pacquiao. Whether intentional or not you’ll be the judge.

Marquez’s Foot Stopper Technique?

Meanwhile, Ben Thompson had a chance to ask Floyd Mayweather’s view about the Pacquiao-Marquez fight. Typical of Mayweather, he again belittle Manny with his answers to the said interview. When Thompson asked Floyd if there’s a chance that the two of them may actually fight next, here’s FM’s reply:

What I don’t really understand is, I know Manny Pacquiao can’t really speak much because he don’t really understand English, but he  may know a few words because he do live in the States from time to time, so…I personally think it’s Bob Arum having a vendetta. I think he’s very upset with me because, you know, I exposed and I opened the world’s eyes up to different things. I never officially came out and said that I believed Manny Pacquiao is on steroids or that I believe he’s on enhancement drugs; I never came out and said that he actually is. I only stated my  opinion on what I believe in.”

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