Firefox with Twitter: Tweeting made easy!

Mozilla Firefox is one of my top 5 web browsers for its speed, security, and ease of use. Now comes Firefox with Twitter that makes tweeting easy for all of you Twitter addicts out there so make sure to download this nifty web essentials by clicking on the link before the end of this article.

Firefox with Twitter

According to its description, “Firefox with Twitter allows you to easily access Twitter from your browser. By downloading Firefox with Twitter or by installing the Twitter Address Bar Search Add-on for your current version of Firefox…”

Firefox with Twitter Features:

  • Search for people and topics on Twitter, directly from the Firefox Address Bar (the box where you enter a URL), with usernames and hashtags.
  • Access Twitter with one click through the Twitter app tab.
  • Search for any keyword on Twitter through the Search Bar by selecting Twitter in the drop-down in the top right corner of the browser.

The good thing about Firefox with Twitter is that you don’t need to have a Twitter account to easily access real-time content on You can also easily search for people or topic by typing the Twitter username (like @infohiwaynet) or hashtag (like #Manila) in the Firefox address bar and once the Twitter logo appeared just hit enter and you’ll be taken directly to the user’s profile page or to a Twitter search result for the #hashtag.

Firefox with Twitter works on any version of Firefox 4 or newer, for any desktop or Android OS.

Get Firefox with Twitter at

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