14 Year Old Girl’s Sex Video Spreads Online

It’s not uncommon these days to know about sex video scandals proliferating the internet, but video scandal of teenage students as young as fourteen?! What’s going on?!

Videos of Baltimore students having sex in the city school grounds are spreading online. A teenage girl as young as 14 years of age is involved in this sex video scandal that caused the young girl’s father to be furious. Who wouldn’t be?

Douglas High School

The girl apparently had no idea that the sex video is now all over the internet and her father said that the poor girl “was forced to do this… was bullied… harassed into doing this”.

The said sex video stayed posted for four days in popular sites Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I wonder why it took that long before the video was taken out of those sites.

All of the teenagers involved in the incident are students at Douglass High School but school officials say the incident didn’t happen there but instead in a building not used for instructional purposes.

The teenage girl already transferred to another school, which is usually what needs to be done. Baltimore City police on the other hand are coordinating with school officials in the ongoing investigation and so far it’s still unclear whether students involved have received any sanctions from their school.

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  1. Gosh, what's going on? Why can people be so cruel? These are minors, for goodness sake!


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