Most Popular 3rd Party Commenting Systems

Today, I’m going to bring to your attention three of the most popular and most commonly used 3rd party commenting systems by bloggers and site owners. I will also present some of their key features for your reference so you can weigh which one might work for you.

Online feedback and commenting has come a long way; from yesteryears’ simple guestbook to forum and feedback form, to native platform-dependent commenting systems. Now commenting systems don’t have to rely on the programming language or scripts a particular site is based on, 3rd party commenting systems can now work on cross-platforms.

These 3rd party commenting systems don’t just allow site visitors to post comments, they also support comprehensive comment management, spam control, social media integration, theme customization and much more.

1. Disqus

Introduced back in 2007, it is currently the most used 3rd party commenting system amongst bloggers and website owners. Integrating Disqus with your website can be fairly simple. Right after you’ve signed up with Disqus, go to the Import / Export section to find out more instructions on how to import your existing comments from various platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, or other commenting systems to Disqus.

Disqus home

Disqus features worth knowing:

  • Realtime comment system
  • Notification and reply system
  • Inline media embedding
  • Mobile commenting
  • Social integration
  • Liking and sharing
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Blacklists and whitelists
  • SEO-friendly
  • Theme customization

2. IntenseDebate

If your blog is running on WordPress and you are looking for a 3rd party commenting system, this may be your best bet as IntenseDebate is created and maintained by the same people who coded your blog platform.

Reputation points is one of the key features of IntenseDebate. It allows users to reward well-thought and constructive comments with points and have them appear on top of others less quality comments. This is a good way to encourage higher quality discussion.


Main IntenseDebate features:

  • Comment Threading
  • Reply-By-Email
  • Moderation/Blacklisting
  • Plugins API
  • Widgets
  • RSS Readers & Tracking
  • Social Sharing

3. Livefyre

Livefyre is the latest addition to the 3rd party commenting and discussion systems. They may be new but that does not make them the weakest. It is simple, easy to use and consists most features we see in Disqus and IntenseDebate.


Main Livefyre features:

  • Live Comment Stream
  • Intelligent Moderation
  • Community Building
  • Social Sharing

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  1. I am actually using Disqus and so far I am enjoying it. Actually, based on experience, the one listed on main features of IntenseDebate are also featured on Disqus. The only issue I usually heard about disqus is that it is too slow (that is what they say).

    As for Livefyre, it is my first time to hear this and thanks for sharing the info :)

  2. I'm trying out Intense Debate and it's cool!

    I hope I won't encounter any problem with it in the future.

    Livefyre is still new so I might have to wait for others to recommend it.

  3. I have plans on implementing one of these 3rd party commenting system but still hesitant to do so since other visitors might be intimidated.

  4. I've tried using DISQUS, but, since it still need to load up the comment system on my site, it takes longer compared to using the Default commenting system of blogger, that's why I took it off. Perhaps, I'll try one of these Commenting system on my new WordPress and hosted site. Tnx for sharing, Marvs! =)

  5. I use Disqus but as you say, I heard to some blogger that there is a problem in speed in Disqus.

  6. yep there seems to be some issue with disqus... there are certain blogs/sites that I'm having trouble posting comments whether I use my disqus id or openid or other IDs (even on some well known sites).. but there are some that it's working ok


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