How To Setup Custom Domain In Blogger

Ok, you’re excited because you just recently acquired your custom domain name to be used for your blog. You followed the steps according to the directions and it’s really quite easy. Then you waited for it to take effect and you typed your site’s URL in your browser: and there! It majestically appeared your blog site on the page. Then you tried it again, but this time without the “www” and when you entered it you got redirected to an error page.

Don’t panic.

Here’s what you can do to make sure that visitors who leave off the “www” when entering your URL will not see an error page. Please bear in mind that this guide is for custom domains acquired through GoDaddy to be used on your Blogger account.

  1. Login to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Click on Domains then click Domain Name Management.
    How To Use Domain Name In Blogger 1
  3. Click on DNS Manager.
    How To Use Domain Name In Blogger 2
  4. Then under the domain name you’d like to use, click Edit Zone.
    How To Use Domain Name In Blogger 3
  5. Under A (Host) add the following entries: (Applies to all Blogger accounts)
    How To Use Domain Name In Blogger 4
  6. Under CNAME (Alias) add the entry below:
    How To Use Domain Name In Blogger 5
  7. Save your changes. It may take an hour for the settings to take effect.
  8. Login to your Blogger account.
  9. Go to Settings and under Publishing click on Edit.
    How To Use Domain Name In Blogger 6
  10. Type your custom domain like this: and check the Redirect box. Don’t forget to Save the changes.
    How To Use Domain Name In Blogger 7

That’s how to setup custom domain name from GoDaddy to your Blogger account.

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  1. yung #5
    kelangan ba ilagay lahat yang 6 na yan?
    at yan din ba ang IP na gagamitin?

  2. yup, yan din ang IP na gagamitin which point to four different Google IPs

  3. Marvs,

    'nong ni-save ko, ni-trim ng godaddy ung mga entries under A ... imbes na 8 na identical, ginawa niyang dalawa lang ... bale tig-isang @ at www lang ang tinanggap niya ...

  4. I believe you entered the same IPs so it's like 4 duplicate entries for each... make sure you entered the IPs correctly as there are 4 different IPs there. Thanks! =)

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