Google Celebrates Its 13th Birthday

Search engine giant Google has just turned 13 and is celebrating its birthday  with a Doodle marking the thirteen years of its existence. Today’s Google Doodle comes with a cake lighted with 13 candles and 3 caps with 3 gifts placed on the side.

Google’s 13th Birthday DoodleGoogle’s 13th birthday Doodle seems to be dedicating the celebration to the 3 Google Guys who founded Google in September 1998 – Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt – that’s why the 3 caps.

Google came up with its first birthday doodle in September 27, 2002 on its 4th birthday. In celebration of Google’s birthday, here’s a look back at Google’s birthday doodle since 2002.

2002 – Google’s 4th Birthday Doodle

Google’s 4th Birthday Doodle


2003 – Google’s 5th Birthday Doodle

Google’s 5th Birthday Doodle


2004 – Google’s 6th Birthday Doodle

Google’s 6th Birthday Doodle


2005 – Google’s 7th Birthday Doodle

Google’s 7th Birthday Doodle


2006 – Google’s 8th Birthday Doodle

Google’s 8th Birthday Doodle


2007 – Google’s 9th Birthday Doodle

Google’s 9th Birthday Doodle


2008 – Google’s 10th Birthday Doodle

Google’s 10th Birthday Doodle


2009 – Google’s 11th Birthday Doodle

Google’s 11th Birthday Doodle

2010 – Google’s 12th Birthday Doodle

Google’s 12th Birthday Doodle

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