Best Of Social Media Toolbars For Sites

Social media toolbar for websites can provide a wonderful user experience and large marketing exposure. It can help share news directly to your site visitors and is a great way to garner more attention and page views. It is easy to implement and customize and your visitors will find it easier to share your site’s contents to others.

I have checked out three of the most popular web toolbars. These all include standard share links with profile information and customization options. Ultimately the choice is yours for which one will work best on your website.

Spend a bit of time playing around with them and see if you can find one you like best.

1. Meebo Bar

Meebo offers a direct connection with a large number of IM chat accounts including AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ, Jabber, and Facebook Chat; and their toolbar supports these features and many more.


You can check out a live demo of the Meebo Bar by visiting their business demo page with functioning social badges and even advertisements.

2. Wibiya Toolbar

The Wibiya Toolbar posses many similar features as the Meebo. You can customize individual apps on your toolbar and select integration services such as Twitter and Facebook.


One area Wibiya is lacking is support for a larger chat base. Although the toolbar does support group chat apps, Meebo hosts a very large network of users which far exceeds what Wibiya could offer.

3. BumpIn Toolbar

The third toolbar software for your website is BumpIn. Their website explains a lot of what the social toolbar is about and why it was built. They include all of the standard features you’d expect from a social media toolbar including Twitter and Facebook integration, live chat, Google searches, and others.


An overlooked but popular selection for web developers is that BumpIn has the top of the page button. This button provides a jQuery scrolling effect which brings the user up to the top of their current page with no scrolling.


Spend some time playing around with each of the apps in your toolbar whichever you’d like to use. Only through trial and error will you figure out the best combination to fit your website perfectly. Also try gathering feedback from your visitors to see which apps they find the most useful for sharing and interacting with others.

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