What Is "Adult Content" According To Google AdSense?

It's hard to get approved in the Google AdSense program so it's important to keep in mind about the policies set forth by it. As every AdSense publisher should know, ads may only be placed on family-safe content. This means that publishers are not allowed to place Google ads on web pages that contain adult content, but what exactly is adult content according to Google AdSense?
Keep your web pages family-safe

Here's a list of what not to have on your site to avoid getting banned from Google AdSense:
  • Sexually explicit pornographic images - This is pretty straightforward, any obscene image or that is sexual in nature. No need to further explain.
  • Content that can be intended for a mature audience - some publishers often unknowingly overlook subtle contents that can be intended for a mature audience, this can include adult toys or fetish sites, sheer/see-through clothing, and lewd or provocative poses (even if clothed).
  • Links or Ads pointing to adult or mature contents - Any link that directs to another site that has mature content, this include ads from other advertising networks that is displayed on your site so make sure that they conform to Google AdSense policies too.
  • Text that is sexual in nature - Articles with sexual tips (including medical-related advice), erotic stories, and comment spam with adult keywords (most commonly found on sites with user-generated-content). 

When in doubt about whether an image or text might be interpreted as adult content, here's a sound advice from Cecelia Choi of AdSense Policy team: 
If you wouldn’t want a child to see the content or if you would be embarrassed to view the page in front of colleagues, then it’s probably not family-safe and you shouldn’t place AdSense ad code on it. 
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  1. Definitely a useful article.. :)

  2. Links or Ads pointing to adult or mature contents. This one is i am guilty of, sometimes, I am seeing some ads, like cellphone x-ray thingy coming from other ads. I'll watch out for it, and block it from popping-up. Tnx for the reminder! =)

  3. Thanks for letting us know. Useful information for new bloggers like me.

  4. very helpful post and reminder!

    I agree with isp101.. sometimes other ads are posting that may be considered adult. We should also be aware about this as a blogger/website admin.

  5. Very helpful and simplified tips here. good works
    I also blog @ www.gistland.com

    1. thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog =)


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