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In my constant search for the so called best web browser for the longest time now, which I haven't found one yet, I ended up using several web browsers every time I surf the net depending on the purpose. And because I use to open more than 30 pages at a time especially when I do searches, I wanted a browser that can keep up with this. The main features I wanted in a web browser are: simple, secured, fast and doesn’t crash (at least not too often). It’s frustrating that you’re in the middle of something and the browser will simply not respond. So here's the list of My Top 5 Web Browsers that are installed on my computer.

1. Mozilla Firefox

I've been using Mozilla Firefox ever since its first release in 2004, the Firefox 1.0, and never stopped using it until today. I love this web browser from the start so much that I almost completely ditched Internet Explorer which was the dominant web browser then if not for compatibility problems in some websites, which was still an issue way back then. It always provided the best features in security and reliability that's why Mozilla Firefox is considered as the number one web browser being used by many. Not just that, it's very fast and light on system resources. There are lots of useful add-ons available for Mozilla Firefox that you can install depending on your needs and preferences but using the web browser without additional add-ons is already sufficient enough. Also installing lots of add-ons on this web browser may cause it to slow down so I recommend in using add-ons minimally. Mozilla Firefox is my top best web browser and I’m using it 95% of the time whenever I’m browsing the internet. 

2. Google Chrome 
Google Chrome is regarded as the fastest web browser today that doesn't compromise in security matters. It has a simple design with rather no clutter in the toolbar and includes an auto-update and a built-in malware and phishing protection system, which maybe a feature that's available in other browsers but what separates Google Chrome from the rest, is its amazing speed. There is no separate search bar and to search for topics you just simply type your keyword in the address bar and Google Chrome will give a Google search results. The lack of a separate search bar is understandable since the browser is a “Google browser” that is simply to give you a search result by Google of course. This could somehow present an inconvenience for others who wanted to get topic search results by Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, etc., that is available in the search bar of other web browsers.

3. Opera 
Opera has always been famous for its fantastic looks and design since the time of its release. It’s a web browser that is more popular being used on phones and handheld devices than on computers but this does not mean that it’s not a capable web browser. It is a user-friendly web browser which means that anyone who’s new to Opera can use it with ease. It also offers excellent visual effects that may help the user the understand the Opera browser in a better way, but this could also be the reason why the speed of Opera is not anywhere near close to the speed of  Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. To overcome this speed issue, Opera has an additional feature called Opera Turbo that can be easily access through the quick preferences menu under settings. Keeping the topic of speed aside, Opera performs excellently and supports all the latest technologies such as the HTML5 and Geolocations, and the security features of the browser is equally good to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome since it provides almost the same features as the two other browsers. Also, few extra graphical additions regarding security issues are available to the browser to help the user actually understand when one’s visiting a malicious site.

4. Safari
Safari is probably less popular than the above mentioned web browsers particularly to Windows PC users. Launched by Apple, the browser has a very simple interface and uncluttered design. It is also fast and very easy to use so even new users will enjoy using Safari for their web browsing needs. Since Safari is from Apple, this means that the browser doesn’t slack on security. Also its rich features include full HTML5 support and a Nitro Engine that allows you to browse pages at lightning speed that is comparable to Google Chrome if not surpassing it.

Download Safari Browser here

5. Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer has been the most used browsers. It comes with every Windows operating system that is running most of the computers worldwide so the fact that it’s the most used web browser should not come as a surprise despite of its shortcomings particularly with regards to security features. The new tabbing system launched last year changed my view in using (or should I say in not using) the Internet Explorer and is a very welcome feature of the browser. I’m just wondering why it took too long for Microsoft to apply tabbed browsing to its Internet Explorer browser when this feature was already in competing web browsers years in advance. Microsoft also addressed (hopefully) problems with older versions of Internet Explorer’ssecurity holes so it is a much more secured web browser now. Internet Explorer also now comes in a very good interface though I hope the Command Bar can be place beside the address bar, or at least add buttons (like Home, Print, etc.) if you want to totally disable the Command Bar to give more space to the tabs when you open lots of tabs. Feature wise, Internet Explorer is not far behind the other web browsers I’ve mentioned but what deters me from using this browser, and I rarely use it, as it often crashes. Don’t you hate it when your Internet Explorer freezes and you see the message “Internet Explorer has stopped working” or “Internet Explorer is not responding”?

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